1.3.18 Thoughts

Damn it feels good to be alive in the new year. Trump is still president but I’m dreading what’s to come like many of us were in 2017. I’m all about positivity and getting my hands on that bag. If hustling is a sport then I’ll about balling out of control. The 1984 Fly or Die Podcast, which can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, inTune, WooderIce Radio, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Youtube is currently on it’s twelfth episode. Twelfth?! I still can’t believe it but hey, I’m ready to take it to episode 50 and then some. So many people, so many stories, and infinite experiences to be had and you can look forward to hearing them within the year.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty! For the year, I wrote a list of things that I do want as well as things that I don’t want in my life. Cutting the fat is very essential in getting out of your own way so that you can reach your desired goals. What I don’t want are a lack of funds, lack of sex, health issues and bullshit relationships with people that waste my time and money. What I do want is more life, more dough, a better understanding of self, love, and spirituality, travel, and of course be the flyest thinker that I can possibly be. Watch the King get down!

Theo Parrish – Brain

Oh so by the way, I definitely gripped two pairs of guilt free Jordans before the ball dropped. Crispy ass Js, homie! Why do I call them guilt free? Because I won’t have to worry about choosing bills or rent over owning a pair. I used to see all of these people outside of UBIQ waiting in line for the latest pair of kicks some of whom were playing russian roulette with their bank accounts. It never seemed worth it ALSO if I could attract quality women in chucks or Stan Smiths, I was okay. But for the 2018, I wanted to treat myself and that’s exactly what I did. I nabbed a pair of Gray Spizike Jordans and White SC-3s. The next purchase will be the Orange Vandal Supremes because a jawn informed me that I looked good in that color. My closet definitely has an increasing citrus presence.

Last but not least, I hate how sensitive we’ve become. Like damn, The Chappelle Stand Up really has people in their feelings. I don’t know how or when this happened but damn it’s hilarious. No one is above jokes especially if they aren’t malicious in intent. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m too problematic to “understand” why everything is so “cringe-worthy” or maybe just maybe I figure there are more important things to waste my anger and frustrations on in this world. Last time I checked, there are still some places in PR without power. We have a system in place set up to oppress minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, etc. which truly deserves our attention. You think that I give a shit about oversensitive people that love to criticize the world behind the screens of their smartphones and laptops?! Fuck No! “Cringe Worthy”?! Go sit down somewhere and stop looking for things to be offended about. Enjoy your life.

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