12.11.17 Thoughts…

It’s life. Life happens and it doesn’t stop. Someone is out and about figuring out ways to eat while you’re asleep and the world will continue to spin on it’s axis and there’s nothing that you or I can do about it. These are facts that I keep in mind whenever I decide to become lazy and loaf around instead of putting my skills to use. A productive Mike Beon is a dangerous Mike Beon. Excuse the third person talk but it has to be said AND it’s more for me as a reminder than a mere humble brag for readers. Just think about it, even from your own individual perspectives, when you’re focused there’s not a thing on this planet that could shake your foundation. Distractions have no power when you have your mind and sight set in unison. ALL FACTS!

The COLORS Channel on Youtube always puts me on to dope artists from around the world. Belgian artist Krisy performed Julio & Sa Gogo Danseuse and though I can’t understand 99 percent of what he’s saying, the flow and the production were tough! Check it out!

Better late than never. Ma$e’s interview with Angie Martinez is one of my favorite Hip-Hop related conversations of the year. Ma$e was pretty quiet for a while until Cam’ron woke the sleeping bear and caught a sweet, sweet L. This interview is 90 plus minutes of M A Dollar Sign telling it how it is and why he chose to finally respond to almost 2 decades worth of disrespect from the Dips.

Shout out to Versey for putting together this collection of Ma$e’s rare freestyles and features. There were quite a few songs and freestyles in this mix that I haven’t heard before but damn this brings back so many memories of how I saw NY in late 97 and 98. I’m glad Ma$e is back in the game. Check out the tape!