10.31.17 Thoughts… Happy Halloween

One of my favorite days of the year… HALLOWEEN!!! A holiday that has meaning for different eras in my life. As a child, I associated Halloween with scary movies, wearing costumes, and going trick or treating. As an adult, I started to see what October 31st really symbolized. Of course, there were ceremonies dating back thousands of years that celebrated death which can still be seen with Mexico’s Day of the Dead aka Dia De Los Muertos but I started to gain a different perspective. When it comes to Halloween, we think of vampires, frankenstein monsters, ghouls, goblins, ghosts, bats, black cats, werewolves, and witches but we rarely make the connection to what these things really are. I used to be frightened by these characters but now I realized that not only were they figments of someone’s imagination BUT they also represented extensions of our fears and our darker selves. If you watch the news, some of the most atrocious crimes are committed by people that look and sound like you and I not some monster that hides under the bed or a monster created from the parts of corpses like the creation of Mary Shelley. We are the monsters that go bump in the night and always have been. Scary right?

Every Halloween, Thriller is played and even when I try to ignore it, I’ll play it anyway because it’s only right. R.I.P. Michael Jackson …. BTW I want that Varsity Jacket that he wore in this video. It looks like a size medium.

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween cartoons for you to enjoy!