Comedy Interview Thoughts

10.27.17 Thoughts…. “Whole Lotta Gang Sh*t”

You can learn a lot from interviews. Beyond the fame and the image that’s often placed before one’s identity, there’s the story behind it all. Two of my favorite musicians are Goldie and Tricky. Besides being pioneers in their respective fields, their personalities are connected to reality. Nothing superfluous about either of these guys and I feel like it shows in what they’ve created throughout their careers.

I’ve always heard the phrase that behind every man is a good woman. Keyshia Ka’oir Davis, who recently married Gucci Mane appears to be prime example of that adage. During Gucci’s incarceration, she held down the fort by handling THE BUSINESS! She discusses the wedding, maintaining a relationship, and other things that gives me hope for the future.

Not only did I find this funny but I could definitely see this happening in real life.