What Am I Reading?: Jerome Pierrat & Alfred’s “Tattoos”

Who doesn’t love a good tattoo? Better yet, who doesn’t love learning the history of how tattoos found it’s way into popular culture? I’m not the ONLY nerd that loves reading about the various aspects culture and history which is why I have to recommend Tattoos by Jerome Pierrat with art by Alfred. Pierrat’s Tattoos is an illustrated story that detail the beginnings of how the art form transferred through different time periods and illustrates how different cultures used tattoos for expression and nobility. There are clever drawings in this book to compliment the story that’s being told. This compact book has taught me more about tattoos than any artist that I’ve been to and with 23 tattoos and counting, that’s quite the feat. For example, did you know the word “tattoo” came from the Polynesian word “tatau” (which means “to strike”) which sailors pronounced as “tattaw”? Or how indigenous people who were inked from head to toe were paraded in front of European nobility by explorers of the “new world”? The 56 pages that are in Tattoos contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject and if you are a body art connoisseur like yours truly, then this is the book for you especially if you’re down with a comic book format.