10.24.17 Thoughts…

Believe it or not, Halloween is actually one of my favorite days of the year. I never have a costume nor do I attend parties that much but I remember how cool I thought it was growing up. Ghost Stories, scary movies, trick or treating, and of course It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! were the reasons why I loved the season and it’s interesting to see that my feelings as an adult have yet to change about it. As we grow older, our connections to our childhood and what made us feel so free should be cherished because I firmly believe that it keeps us alive. I’m not saying that we should be like Pee-Wee Herman, a super big kid running around in tight suits although his house was pretty cool (Who doesn’t love talking furniture?!) but we shouldn’t be so serious all of the time. Super Mario Odyssey is coming out for the Nintendo Switch on October 27th and guess who’s getting it? Me. I can still be a fully functioning adult and enjoy Mario as much as I did as when I was a six year old. FAAAAACTS!!!

I’m a huge fan of Stones Throw Records. Peanut Butter Wolf is the label head and whenever he speaks, I listen. He recent sat down with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and discussed Dilla, MF Doom, Madlib, and other topics pertaining to music and Stones Throw. Music lovers check this out!

I’m at a fork in the road but it’s not really a dilemma because I know where to go but I’m acting like I don’t because I like making life more awkward and difficult for myself than it has it to be. I know better therefore I should do better but sometimes I find myself being caught up in “bad” habits and I go backwards instead of forwards but it should always be forwards and not backwards. What am I talking about exactly? Tired of me being vague? Well, I’m talking about relationships. That’s right guys and ghouls (holiday spirit… just go with it!), I know that I’m better off settling down but delusions of grandeur makes me think that I’ll be missing out on something but that mode of thinking couldn’t be more incorrect. Genuine attraction far outweighs the “perks” of physical attraction; The “bad” ones aren’t always the “good” ones.

ALSO… There’s no need to revisit old relationships and hook ups unless you are a glutton for punishment. After Prometheus brought fire to mankind, he was punished by the gods and was chained to a rock where a vulture would eat at his guts for an eternity. That’s a lot like what dealing with past situations because you’re subjecting yourself to torture. Some of your exes maybe worth the 2nd try and it could be great but after this past weekend, I’m good where I am and will no longer look back when there’s a gorgeous opportunity in front of me.