10.17.17 Thoughts…

So much to say and there’s a lot to discuss so why not just go for the jugular. First, I figured that I hadn’t wrote anything about the Harvey Weinstein media frenzy so now would be the perfect time. Sexual harassment is and will forever be very lame and I have empathy for anyone that has dealt with it in their workplace and/or industry. Weinstein isn’t the only Weinstein. There are tons of them and have been since man had the ability to acquire things that could amplify his status to untouchable heights. Absolute power corrupts absolutely which means that an abuse of it is inevitable. The women that are victimized by these weak minded souls are dehumanized and objectified instantaneously without breaking a sweat. I’ve read and heard various accounts and Harvey reached Mt. Kilimanjaro levels of creep. Women are stepping up sharing their stories and all I can do is sit with my mouth ajar in disbelief. How did we as a community of human beings let this happen to one another? People have known that he was a McNasty Filth for years but money talked and kept those in fear of losing their careers quiet as church mice during a funeral procession. This week I noticed many women that I know via Facebook sharing statuses that read “Me Too” which not only showed solidarity with women everywhere that experienced sexual harassment but they’ve also had their unfair share of nasty episodes.

As a man, I feel that my accountability comes into play when it’s happening in my environment. If I see something, I have to say something or else I’m just as foul as the guilty party. Trust and Respect aren’t optional. Consent isn’t something that you nor I have the right to ignore. With all of what’s going on in the world, what can we do as a community to change the narrative? I don’t have all of the answers at this moment but what I can speak on is that I hate seeing some of the members of my gender pandering to women with empty words. I’ve grown to love and respect women more and more each day and it’s given me a greater understanding of love but I’d never try and front like I truly know all of their grievances when I’ve never walked a mile in their shoes or actually knew what it was like to have my body be treated as a thing for the sake of “collecting”; just another boar’s head over the fireplace. I don’t like when I see guys online saying things like “Oh, I apologize for all of the men out there that have done X Y and Z” because first of all, who are you to speak for individuals that you don’t know who are probably going to harass a woman any chance that they get and secondly, be responsible for yourself and your own actions instead of attempting to appease and appear like a shiny white knight that’s only being self righteous for positive feedback. You don’t really care about equality or women’s safety, you just want to play the part because it keeps you from ACTUALLY being a man of your word and really being an agent of change. That’s all that I have to say about that.

Ok I know that was a bit heavy but those thoughts have sat in my head for a few days and it felt good to let them go now back to the weird…

A few days ago, a young woman that I’m cool with told me that I had “witch” vibes and asked if I practiced magic. She also mentioned that I had a green aura which is cool and all but the “witch” vibes is what really caught my attention. I’m not superstitious by any means but I do believe that there’s something bigger than us out there. Things that we can’t see nor could totally comprehend. Then, this past Friday during what seemed to be a gloomy afternoon, a friend of mine asked if I wanted a reading which I mentioned in my last post and it got me thinking: What the hell is going on? I can say that I’m more spiritual now than I’ve ever been. I hated going to church when I younger because I was forced to go and if there’s one thing that I loathe more than licorice candy, it’s being forced to go places that I already know will be a waste of my time. Both sides of the family are Christian by default. My Mother and Father are more spiritual than religious and have both introduced me to writings by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and other spiritual types. My Father, especially, used to make me read the writings by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen to him out loud on Sundays and it felt like torture at times because I just wanted to watch Nickelodeon and play my Nintendo 64. Spiritual upliftment meant shit to a young boy entering his first stages of puberty. No offense to his holiness, but nothing in those stories taught me how to be jiggy with the ladies. Nowadays, I’m tempted to learn more about Yoruba, Ifa, Santeria, and Voodoo. I know quite the change but there’s just something about those belief systems that always intrigued me especially during my time in NOLA.

Word to Bowie….