10.16.17 Thoughts…

“Everyone loves me but I’ve been other people for so long you all should just shut up and watch me win undeserved awards.”Beau Sia

Every Saturday, like clockwork it seems, I escape my apartment for a visit to Old City. That area of town is a personal favorite and I hope to live there once my finances are at supreme baller like levels. On my weekend excursion, I usually visit my favorite Comic Book store mostly because my friends work there and it’s always an experience of some sort. The type of customers that come into that place, to quote the late Jim Kelly’s character from “Enter The Dragon”, truly “come straight out of a comic book”. Brian, one of the employees at said shop, is a big fan of music like I am and every once in a while he puts me on to joints that I’ve never heard and this was the case with poet Beau Sia’s 1998 album Attack! Attack! Go!. I found out about Beau in the early 2000’s via HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and his performances were always top notch. His style of poetry appeals to me; it’s everywhere yet centralized much like how my brain works. I’ve played this album all weekend and I recommend it to anyone else that loves creative writing, spoken word, or anything that truly makes your brain expand in directions beyond what’s regulated by our society.

I had an impromptu reading on Friday and nothing has made me more optimistic and paranoid at the very same time. While at work (not really working but whatever), a lovely friend of mine asked if I wanted a reading and when anyone asks If I want a reading, Posdnuos’ line from De La Soul’s “Ring Ring Ring” comes to mind: “with the straighest face I be like, “hell yes”‘. The information given to me was very, very accurate and caused me to really reevaluate what I was doing with my life. I won’t go into full detail because it was 5 paragraphs chock full of affirmations and warnings but it seems that I’m on the right path but I have to start thinking less and acting more because I am a notorious over thinker and it disgusts me. Also, I was told not to overwhelm myself with too much which something that I’m also known for doing. Also there was a part when I was told that I might knock someone up if I’m not careful but I’m always careful too careful in fact so I may never have sex again until I’m 36 years old and I don’t want to wait that long. That’s 3 years! Where did 36 come from? Seems like a random age but that’s when I said that I’d be ready to have kids because 32 going on 33 is hella volatile and there’s way too much work to be done in these streets.


I was told that I had “witch vibes” and a green aura… I don’t know what that means as of yet but I’m sure I’ll find out if I ask more questions.

Also this Iman Omari joint is my shit right now!