Life Photography

One Shot: The Roots, 2005

I saw this picture sitting coyly upon my desktop so I figured why not share it. It’s interesting that pictures with celebrities mean to so much to people to the point of fans being offended and salty if they are denied the chance to do it for the gram. The Instagram! I am from a time that precedes the app and having followers and likes meant nothing to my generation. But now? claws and teeth will used if you or anyone decides to get in the way of the instantly gratified. If you ever see me in a picture with anyone of status these days, it’s solely out of respect for them and their craft and not for the associated fame that it could or could not deliver to my doorstep. Fame is and will forever be a byproduct. No one goes to school or writes a book to be famous and if they do the “fame” is short lived and goes down faster Harvey Weinstein’s career.

As for the photo, my homie Chris got me in to meet The Roots before their concert at Villanova University. I watched them look at the Peanut Butter Jelly Time skit on Family Guy then perform it onstage within 30 minutes. The Roots mean a lot to Philly but I wonder at times if they are under appreciated. Does it matter? If I like them and you like them and your friends adore them isn’t enough? Monstrous album sales don’t really mean anything when it comes to how much you love an artist or what they mean to you. I have nothing but respect for this group and Black Thought is one of the greatest emcees to ever grace the mic.