10.13.17 Thoughts…

Branding is a must! Years ago that term annoyed the hell out of me. Everybody became so concerned with their brand and it just seemed to be one of those trends that everybody followed because the “cool kids” were all about it. During my hiatus from the scene, I read a lot about what branding actually is and what’s needed to maintain it and I’m doing my best these days to capitalize on that knowledge. I have blog that’s officially a DOT com; I write for Wooder Ice, a local lifestyle website; and I’m currently working on my other project, the 1984 Fly or Die podcast. Also, I figured that I’d also have a set of business cards designed so that I network the correct way instead hoping that whoever I share words with remembers my site let alone my name. Vlogs are important for the cause too as well consistent content. I even designed a shirt to wear whenever I’m out and about at events just to push the issue so to speak.

Last night, as per my last post, I hit the Red Bull Sound Select event at the Underground Arts venue and it was one of the coolest events that I’ve attended in Philly in a long time. The last time that I attended Underground Arts was for the Heineken Green Room event with Dipset’s own Cam’ron but it was too crowded and I wasn’t feeling the vibe of the people there so I “dipped” in the middle of Killa Cam’s set. As much as I love Hip-Hop shows, the energy has to be right so that I can truly enjoy myself. But what I found at the Sound Select show gave me a feeling that I hadn’t felt in the city in YEARS! Part of my hustle these days requires me to run the street so to speak by attending different events and meeting all kinds of cool people and I’m actually HAPPY to do that now than before. Life is for the living and I’m living it!

Virgil Abloh is an inspiration. Check out this very cool interview with the New York Times. STEP YOUR CREATIVITY UP!