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The Black Eyed Peas Interview w/ The Breakfast Club

One of the dopest Hip-Hop collectives, The Black Eyed Peas sat down with a very, very cool interview with The Breakfast Club. Before I get into the gist of the interview, I’d like to start by saying that not only am I fan of their music but I think that Will.i.Am is a serious visionary. What’s he’s been able to do within the music industry as well as his endeavors in technology are innovative to say the least. This interview covers everything from their origins with Eazy-E on Ruthless Records, Fergie, Esthero, Macy Gray, the choosing of the name Black Eyed Peas, and a lot more. Their upcoming comic book Masters of the Sun looks really interesting as it utilizes the an app to add more to the experience. Check it out!