Single Files: Learn from Sam Rothstein

He didn’t listen. She tried to tell him early on in their “relationship” that it wouldn’t work but damn it he wouldn’t listen. Allow me to preface this piece by stating that I love Scorcese’s 1995 film Casino and I watched it two nights in a row over the weekend which is why it’s still very fresh in my mind. Nicky Santoro, as played by veteran actor Joe Pesci, said during the film’s introduction,”But in the end, we fucked it all up. It should have been so sweet, too” and that quote truly captures the essence of the demise of the main characters. And I’m sure that many would place the blame upon Ginger Rothstein but Sam was a sucker for love and his persistence to have what he didn’t need added the finished touch to a disastrous recipe.

The Ginger who’s beauty captivated Sam while hustling in his casino was the very same Ginger with the reckless behavior that caused him quite a few problems with Nicky and in other areas of his personal life but emotions blinded his better judgement. Don’t be that guy. I was that guy and there’s nothing worse than causing of your very own life to be thrown about in a tornado of bullshit. After a short while of courting Ginger, Sam jumps into the deep end by going for the gusto but the feelings aren’t mutual with Ginger which should’ve been the end of it but NO! Sam had to have her, so much so that he made her a deal based on financial stability. Dumb move. On The Beatles’ album, A Hard Day’s Night, there’s a song titled “Can’t Buy Me Love” which is very, very appropriate for their scenario. Sam, as smart and as shrewd of a businessman that he was, there was nothing in his skillset to prepare him for the shitstorm that came along with that doomed relationship. And it was all his fault.

My dating IQ took a huge boost after the nonsense that I subjected myself to during my Villanova University era. I had a thing (still do actually) for latinas and I wasted my time by pursuing two girls that I should’ve left alone. Infatuation left me open and weak in these collegiate streets and I should’ve known better but again as I said before, back then I was truly unaware of who and what I was as person because if I did, I would’ve cruised through many of those goofy occurrences. If I am ever in need of a reminder of not forcing anything dating wise, I’ll be sure to revisit Casino and the foibles of Sam “Ace” Rothstein. If the feelings aren’t mutual then do yourself a solid and find someone who will see you as you see them.

Like the saying goes, “If people show you who they really are, BELIEVE them” and once you take notice of their true identities, you either take them for who they are OR keep it moving. You always have a choice. Also, don’t be a sucker for love if you don’t have to be.