Netflix’s Neo Yokio isn’t THAT bad…

If I had listened to the homies on social media then I would’ve completely missed out on this gem of series. Permit me to say this, it’s not the GREATEST anime that I’ve seen BUT it has it’s moments. I liked it. Some of the writing sounds like it came from Jaden Smith’s twitter account but overall the story was pretty easy to follow and at times it was funny as hell. Neo Yokio follows Kaz Kaan (voiced by Jaden Smith), a member of the nouveau riche who prides himself on his fashion sense while battling demons whenever his Aunt Agatha (Susan Sarandon) calls him to handle the family business. I was caught off guard once the first episode started when I heard a familiar voice (Jude Law) as the narrator which happened to be Kaz’s butler robotic butler Charles. An All Star cast can help or wreck a series and in this case, it didn’t hurt. Also, wise cracking internet personalities Desus and Mero, who voice the best friends to the protagonist, Lexy and Gottlieb, are often the stars in many of the scenes that they are featured in.

Some consider Neo Yokio as a satirical look at high society and after reading a few pieces, they were some that wanted Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend (the series creator) to go deeper into certain topics instead of it being, as they often refer to it, a typical anime about demons/robots but I ask why can’t it be just that? Everything isn’t supposed to invoke a need for soul searching; somethings are indeed purely for entertainment. There isn’t a piece of art in the Museum of Modern Art that everyone will enjoy and we should be okay with that. So many self-made experts are in need of the “perfect” piece of work but it’s all up to our own individual interpretation of what we see. Again, If I paid any attention to the comments made by others then I’d have written this off as a wack cartoon but I gave it a chance and enjoyed myself. Is it another Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Ronin Warriors, or Voltron? No and it’s not supposed to be. Neo Yokio is Neo Yokio and more that we stop with the comparisons for the sake of doing so, the more that we can appreciate the series for what it is. Fun doesn’t need a dissertation nor a Master’s Degree for it to be had by all. You don’t have to like it.