Music Thoughts

9.30.17 Thoughts…

How do I feel about the state of things? There are signs that life is getting better and there are just as many indications that we are fucked as a human race (YOU CAN’T PUT BACON ON EVERYTHING!). The past few months have offered us a slew of “fuckerous” events. We’ve seen everything from constant occurrences of natural disasters to racist pricks sulking through a college campus in Charlottesville, Virginia with tiki torches. And of course let’s not forget to mention the current El Presidente that Lebron James hilariously referred to as a “bum” in one of the most fire tweets in recent history. Yes, President Trump has caused many of us to scratch our heads while causing great amounts of contention amongst the American people. In my mind, he is synonymous with white supremacy and I could never respect his legacy before or after his time in the Oval office.

Colin Kaepernick is a cape-less hero whose decision to not stand for the national anthem during the last NFL season in the name of all the injustices committed against people of color in this country shocked the league. The biggest lesson that one could learn from Kap is that resisting comes with a price that you better be willing to pay or else you’ll have a hard time trying to deal with the consequences. It took for “the bum” to make disparaging comments about players in NFL to make everyone kneel and unify which to me is a bit baffling because it no longer was about the message that Kap championed, it was more so about the NFL owners having their pride slighted. Nothing was more hilarious to me than seeing Ray Lewis on both knees “praying” while the rest of the Ravens kneeled during the anthem this past Sunday. Lewis has been a critic of Colin’s gesture and his reasoning for it is ridiculous. For the last time folks, standing up for a cause like racial injustice has nothing to do with disrespecting the military because I’m not sure if the memo has been spread around but many servicemen stand with Kap because they fought for our right to express ourselves freely even if that means P R O T E S T I N G.

This weekend I’ll more than likely be playing G-Worthy, the latest release from G Perico, Jay Worthy and producer Cardo. As individual artists, each of these guys have proven to be GREAT talents and they represent the culture of the West Coast to the fullest. I anticipated their group project and after listening to it from start to finish, I can say without a doubt that it’s everything that I expected to hear and that’s a GOOD thing.