R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

Legend, Innovator and All Around Cool Guy, Hugh Hefner passed away today at the ripe young age of 91. My knowledge of the Playboy proprietor is based only on surface information. At one time, The Playboy mansion seemed to be as prestigious as the pre-Trump era White House. An older gentleman living in a house filled young women looked like a dream come true but I doubt that I’d care for any of that in REAL LIFE (I could probably deal with 2 to 3 at the max otherwise I’d commit myself to an asylum). What I enjoyed about Hugh’s legacy had nothing to do with the gorgeous ladies that graced his magazine for over 50 plus years instead it was his activity in the 1960s. Besides having the Playboy Club and that hip cool daddy-o program Playboy After Dark that featured many of grooviest cats of the day hanging out and listening to music (The Brand New Heavies made a music video that referenced this show), Hefner was not only a supporter of the Civil Rights movement BUT was also an advocate gay rights. He gave the late Dick Gregory his big break as well as helped him to fund a reward for any information about the three slain civil rights that went missing in 1964. Hugh even hired the writer of Roots, Alex Haley to interview the likes of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr for his publication. Despite all of the rumors of him being an alleged creep and so on and so forth, his philanthropy is what I’ll always hold in the highest of regards. And, of course Playboy’s early contributions to the sexual revolution are unquestionable as it caused quite the shift in popular culture.