Comedy Interview

AARP Presents Dinner With Don: Snoop Dogg

We lost the great comedic legend Don Rickles in April of this year. To me, he and the late Jerry Lewis were the last remnants of the Rat Pack era. In the 90s, I first saw Don Rickles in Martin Scorcese’s classic film Casino and it wasn’t until later that I discovered that he voiced Mr. Potato Head for Disney’s Toy Story franchise. As per usual, I had to reach my late 20s to find out how much of bad ass that he actually was in the comedy world. Rickles performance at Reagan’s inauguration is classic as well as his appearances on Carson and Dean Martin’s Man of the Hour Roast. What made him a favorite to Tracy Morgan also stands for me, Don Rickles aka Mr. Warmth did NOT discriminate. He cracked on everybody; gender and ethnic background had no bearing to his brand of humor. I can’t imagine him performing nowadays without having a random angry blog written about his subject matter label him as being too “problematic”. I was shocked to find out that AARP released an entire series where celebrities ate and talked shop with Don. This episode with Snoop is one of my favorites. Check it out!