8.21.17 Thoughts…

1. There’s been so much happening in this world over the past week. The tragedies in Spain, Sierra Leone and of course Charlottesville. Is there ever a moment to decompress? Nah. If you’re looking for a moment to breathe, you won’t find it here. Shit happens. You can’t stop it nor can you ignore it and hope that everything will just go away on it’s own. We live in a reactionary time and sitting idly by as the world turns just adds to the dissension. I don’t really care that they are bringing down confederate statues because this idea that the rebel flag represents some sort of sacred history is ridiculous. It represents one of the darkest periods in our country’s timeline. Who needs constant reminders of racism in 2017? Not me nor anyone with a conscience.


In Philly, there’s been talks about ridding the city of former Police commissioner and mayor Frank Rizzo’s statue. Councilwoman Helen Gym appears to be spearheading the initiative and like clockwork, a special population of the city is not with it. I know many South Philadelphians who view Rizzo as a hero but there are others that saw him as a tyrant. It’s hilarious seeing people write on their Facebook feeds that the removal of Frankie boy’s statue makes them “afraid for their children”. Seriously?! Some of these people weren’t even born when Rizzo was in power. There’s a very interesting article on Vice that goes in depth into his bullish legacy. How can you defend the actions of man that once said that he’d “make Attila The Hun look like a f****t” while referring to his political enemies? He was a gangster in a public office and his resume shows that he was copacetic with the corruption just as long as it benefited the likes of him and his comrades. I don’t care that the statue was vandalized but I did find the events around it to be a bit fishy but blame that on the conspiracy theorist in me. Don’t you just love when people cry and whine about a history that they know nothing about? Yeah! Me Too.

2. Ever since August 15th, I’ve dedicated my free time to my top secret project and the latest and greatest SEGA game, Sonic Mania. I’m from the old school where Sonic The Hedgehog first thrived on the legendary Sega Genesis console. As a Nintendo head, I swore that it was blasphemous to touch a genesis cartridge but my older cousin Ted had the setup at our grandmother’s house so of course I had to get busy. Besides Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Sonic was tons of fun but I was really grateful that they gave the blue speed demon better abilities in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. I’m a sucker for retro games so when it was announced that a new side scrolling Sonic game would drop, my excitement skyrocketed. So far it’s been everything that I wanted and more. Tee Lopes has done an amazing job with the soundtrack. Hopefully they drop more Sonic Mania joints in the future or another Jet Grind Radio.

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3. While attending a friend’s going away party at North Bowl,I heard the DJ play this track and I had the ill 80’s flashback. I need to have one of those San Junipero machines whenever I want to visit that era or a bomb ass all black matte Delorian with gold rims so that I can time travel in style.

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4. Am I my brothers keeper? yes I am and that’s word to G-Money of the Cash Money Brothers. We have a responsibility to uplift ourselves and those that are attempting to make a better life for themselves. Look, I’m not about the hand out life but if I see that you are working hard, I’ll support your hustle without question. In the past two weeks, I’ve put money in the pockets of a young illustrator, bought a dope shirt from an independent clothing brand, and a graphic designer to help in my rebranding. Some may refer to it as cooperative economics; if we support and build with each other then we will have a one up when it comes to the game.