The Come Up! Complex Hustle: Sickamore

Around 2008 or 2009, when I first started to get into the blog game heavy, there were many sites with likeminded creatives that I connected with and Sickamore was one of those visionaries. His blog offered great content and allowed for awesome networking. Before any of us gave a thought to a blog, Sickamore was a king in the mixtape era. I would buy his instrumental tapes whenever I saw them out and about on 52nd street (West Philly!) in the early 2000s so you could imagine that it was pretty dope to be able to connect with him years later. As of now, Sickamore is currently the Creative Director for the house that Jimmy Iovine built, Interscope Records. He’s A&R projects for Travis Scott,YG, and Jeremih as well other creative endeavors within the music industry. I respect his hustle and you should too!