The Day When I Realized Where I Wanted to Be…

Shucky Ducky, No Ha, Buckshot and Me, 2008

All that I ever wanted to do since high school was to be a part of the music industry. If I couldn’t be a rapper, I wanted to have a hand in some kind of behind the scenes business. I invested so much of the little bit of money that I earned from my part time jobs in high school in learning about the craft and all of it’s players. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, any Hip-Hop magazine released around the time of the Jay-Z/Nas beef up until a few years ago, I had and still have in my collection. I was enamored by the stories, the personalities and the history of how everything came to be. Though Kool Herc, Bambataa, and Grandmaster Flash were before my time, I had nothing but respect for them as pioneers. I’m preferential to late 80’s/90’s hip-hop but there are gems in EVERY era even amongst the “mumble rappers”. I grew to appreciate and love it all.

Back in 2008, while attempting to make my way into the entertainment field, I tried to intern for a local magazine. At the time, this publication was a bit new but I loved that Philly was the focal point of all of their articles. The music editor gave me my first (and only) assignment; I was told to cover an independent rap concert headlined by Blackmoon’s Buckshot at Club Polaris (which has since changed it’s name). I ran into familiar faces and met a few artists and creatives that I’d form long lasting bonds with. Here’s the weird part: When I arrived to cover the show, there wasn’t a photographer so I guess that the magazine assumed that I’d do that as well. I met Snapkracker, one of Philly’s dopest camera gods who boasts an archive that features a who’s who in Hip-Hop. Not only did he take time to share advice but he also gave encouragement. At some point in the night, we stepped outside and ran into Buckshot and members of the Duck Down family. I was HYPE. Do you know how many time’s I’ve played Black Moon’s “Who Got The Props?” in my lifetime? Not Enough! After the concert, I headed home and felt amazing about the night that I had which would eventually lead to the creation of my very first blog. As for the magazine, I sent my piece to the music editor and I heard nothing back. I don’t know who she was or if she liked it or not but I didn’t care because I found something that I loved to do and nothing could keep me away from that.