RiverIsWild NATIVE LAND GANG collection


I’ve been a fan of the Philly/D.C. brand RiverIsWild since the release of their first collection. To be in a world where everyone dresses the same or comes with a similar styles, it’s truly a breath of fresh air whenever a brand decides to go in a different direction with their designs. When I take a look the NATIVE LAND GANG collection, I see African influences on modern streetwear. That combination resulted in an awesomely designed apparel. I love the geometrics of the Grid Shortsleeve Dress Shirt, the Wild Waters Cord Hat, and of course, the t-shirts. To see more of RiverIsWild’s latest, check out their site.IMG_7038IMG_7039IMG_7040IMG_7041IMG_7042IMG_7043IMG_7044IMG_7045IMG_7046IMG_7047IMG_7048