The Golden Lord Now Enters…


Changes. Going Through Changes. Why? Because there’s no other way. Searching for the bottom line has become the obsession over for the past few months and it’s not getting any easier but I like it. As of late, there’s been a unnatural sense of urgency that’s made it’s presence known and I’d be remiss to ignore it. It wasn’t until I started to break free from my comfort zone that I began to truly live. A large part of the current transformation came from reading Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck (I’ve recommended this book to everyone that I know) which forced me to hold up a mirror to really examine my flaws. Personal growth is far from an overnight thing as it takes time to destroy and rebuild who and what you thought you were. We create weird perceptions of ourselves and we believe the lies for so long that we take fiction as fact. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

A month and a half ago I made a decision to change my look. Whenever boredom decides to get settled and place it’s boots on my couch like Chappelle’s version of Rick James, doing something spontaneous and/or impulsive always shakes the room. I planned on dying my hair again (two years ago I was a redhead) and searched all over Pinterest and Tumblr for the right vibe. Now for those that know me, or are at least familiar with my social media activities, you’d know that Bulls era Dennis Rodman is my spirit animal. Straight no chaser. He was the inspiration when I dyed my hair in 2015 and part of the reason in 2017. Before I made the move, I posted pictures and made enigmatic Facebook posts referring to Simon Phoenix, the blonde haired villain played by Wesley Snipes in 1993’s Demolition Man. A few people caught on but I don’t think that many of them expected me of all people to take the plunge. It just felt right and after 3 hours in the salon and $80 subtracted from my pockets, I gave myself a different form of independence.

The following Monday after my dye job, my co-worker asked me why I did it. He asked if I did it for the attention and I responded with “No, I just wanted to do it” which is the indisputable truth because if I wanted attention badly enough, I’d have chosen the color of blue, green, rose or something ridiculously outlandish. I don’t care about what people think about me nor will I do anything at my own expense to make other people feel better about themselves. I’m not that person but I used to be and that period in life sucked majorly. A sane person can’t live like that and for those that do, enjoy those expensive therapist sessions that you have coming your way. But on the upside, I heard that those therapist couches are super comfortable.

Now here’s where the Golden Lord persona comes in to play and why I chose to run with the name. First, let me say that I’m disappointed that the frame of reference that people tend to connect with black man with dyed hair is very limited. Of all of the celebrities and fictional characters that I’ve been compared to, these were my favorite: Simon Phoenix (Demolition Man), The Golden Lords (Meteor Man), Sisqo, Ruby Rhod (The Fifth Element), Chris Brown, and of course the almighty rebounding defensive player god himself, Dennis Rodman. I can take a joke but I wonder if any of them came from places of insecurity. I’ve made of fun of things that I thought were “weird” and “different” at various points in my life but after a moment of reflection, I realized that I often used humor as a defense mechanism. How can you really laugh at someone who’s living their best life by living their truth? You really can’t and if you try to justify it, then I will congratulate you with an Asshole of the year award which comes with a “Make America Great Again” Burger King crown.

I looked in the mirror one day last week and I really looked like an alternative rock singer. I wore black jeans with black AirMax Zero sneakers and no shirt. I stood there, looking at myself, my hair and all of my tattoos thinking to myself, “Well, if what I want to do in life falls apart, then I can definitely be the lead singer in an Afropunk band” which is definitely a possibility. I’ll autotune the shit out of a rock song. Since everyone kept calling me a “Golden Lord” , I decided to own it and now it’s the era of the Golden Lord and he shall do as he pleases during the Summer of 2017. And you should too.