4.18.17 Thoughts


1. Kendrick’s DAMN. album is a masterpiece although I prefer To Pimp A Butterfly to this one in terms of production but content wise this album is jamming. I had little to no expectations for this album which made the experience way better. With every album, his writing improves. My favorite tracks – thus far – are “YAH”, “FEEL.” “XXX.” and “GOD”.

2. DADDY LADDY is my new alias. The full moniker is DADDY LADDY FROM THE OTHER$IDE. Both parts of that name bears significance. I’ll elaborate on what it all means in due time.

3. This past weekend, I had back to back nights of intoxication and it felt good. Being around people in chill environment two nights in a row gave a boost to my morale. You can’t go wrong with Whiskey but I definitely feel like Hennessy is the Devil.

It’s interesting whenever I encounter those that I used to look up to as a child and seeing them now as everything that I thought they wouldn’t be. I have to credit my maturity for allowing to see things as they really are . It can be frustrating at times but that’s life. That’s life. That is L I F E.

5. Slowly rediscovering what this love thing is actually about. So many beautiful and intriguing women on this planet and I only need one. Dating in this era is not for the weak and the indecisive. If your going to be out here locked and loaded in the O.K. Corral, you better know who you’re shooting at because if you’re just aiming for anybody without any kind of purpose or intention, you may find yourself in a situation that can either waste your time or kill your spirit and nobody wants that. NOBODY.WANTS.THAT.SHIT.AT.ALL. I’m out here still trying to find my way. Wish me luck.