3.14.17 Thoughts


1. We all have secrets. Even when I’m at my most transparent, there are still things about me that I conceal. It’s out of a need to survive. There’s nothing wrong with vulnerability but you can’t trust everybody with your life/story. To quote Drake “I’ve always been me, I guess I know myself”.

2. I’ve been listening to Mobb Deep since the weekend. It all started after I heard the sample used in the latest Freddie Gibbs track “Crushed Glass” which is also used for Mobb Deep’s “Where Ya Heart At?” from their 1999 album, Murda Muzik. I went back to their 1995 project, The Infamous, 1996’s Hell on Earth and of course Murda Muzik just to get into a zone that I haven’t been in for a while. I needed the reminder of how dope they were and I’m going to add them to into current gym playlist. SHOOK ONES!!!

3. I’m still playing Zelda. CAN’T STOP! WON’T STOP!

4. I think that I found a new bar to haunt that’s in my neighborhood. I was there this past Sunday with my cousin and a friend. Drinking, eating and talking shit. I discussed a situation that I was involved in that’s a bit a special. Like special as in I had to watch my ass. I needed that moment of camaraderie and it was a great way to end a busy weekend.

5. Everybody wants to be right and that shit blows my mind. We are at a time in our lives where we are more divided than we ever were. I’m not even talking about race but yes that’s a part of it. Democrats, Republicans, Leftists, Conservatives, Libertarians, Radical Feminists, Radical Men’s Right’s Activists, Black Lives Matter Activists, etc., are pulling us all in different directions. There is no middle ground and no one seems to want to have the conversation of how we get our shit together. We live in a country that’s titled the United States of America but we only seem to be united in our distrust of one another. Where’s the love?