"It's Not About You"


“Arrogance and fear still keep you from learning the simplest and most significant lesson of all.It’s not about you.” – Ancient One, Doctor Strange (2016)

Marvel’s Doctor Strange is such a great movie. I’ll be honest, when I first saw the previews for the film, I didn’t know what to expect. The visuals were extremely captivating and Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors (The new Sherlock has been FIRE thus far) so with that combination, it couldn’t possibly disappoint and it DIDN’T. It was so good that I was a tad bit pissed that I never made it back to the theater for a second viewing.

There were many memorable scenes,characters and lines but four words resonated with me the most: “It’s Not About You”. Without giving too much of the plot away, because I like many of you hate spoilers, there was a turning that set Strange upon the correct path. Before the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) decided to forfeit her life, she gave the good doctor a bit of much needed advice that knocked sense into him. “It’s Not About You” became a wake up call not only for Strange but for me as well.

There are bigger things at work in the universe and we’d be foolish to think that it all revolved around us. It’s better to leave our egos at the door instead of acting as agents of our own pride. Be selfless not selfish. Share the wealth instead of hoarding. The more that you give the more that you will receive in the long term. I’m not here to front as the latest version of Deepak Chopra but I’ve experienced enough during my time on earth to know that altruism can truly make the difference.

We focus on the greatness of basketball players like Michael Jordan and Lebron James but they would not have had the success nor the accolades without great teams to back them. There’s an old idiom that goes something like One hand washes the other and both hands wash the face which translates to if we all work together, we will eventually achieve the same goal. Giving of ourselves for the benefit of others makes this thing called life have meaning. Just remember, “It’s Not About You”.