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Style Aspirations… Bell Biv Devoe


Growing up in the early 90s had amazing visual benefits. The fashion that Hip-Hop created during that era was thee coolest. Fly clothes, loud ass colors, and ill basketball sneakers made the cipher complete. The best dressed artists in that time, at least for me, were Bell Biv Devoe. When the Poison album came out, I couldn’t stop staring at the cover. I never saw ANYONE dressed like them. My parents were young so they were up on fashion and they kept my appearance superior even if I only cared about Nintendo at the time but I never saw anything like BBD. Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe and Mike Bivins earned their place in the 90s fashion Hall of Fame with this photo alone. Also, Mike Bivins said that he was still “clockin’ the hoes” on “Poison”. Give him a trophy or certificate for being the Greatest of all time.

All Hail New Jack Swing!!