Sleepy But Whatever… Mary J. Blige “Be Happy”

“All I really want is to be happy…”

Stayed up later than I wanted to last night. You know how it goes, when you’re reading and you lose track of the little bit of time that you have left before you have to nod out so that you have an ample amount of energy for the work day ahead. This morning, I had the melody from Mary J. Blige’s “Be Happy” looping in my head non stop. Her 1994 album, My Life is classic for that era and a personal favorite of mine and its mostly due to the production courtesy of Puff Daddy and a portion of his Hitmen crew. They didn’t do too much chop wise to the Curtis Mayfield “You’re So Good To Me” sample and it worked but that’s always been Puff’s formula. He knew how to craft hits.