Back in The Day: Junior Prom 2001

I’m in the middle…

Pictures are worth 1000 words. Some of those words are fluff. Stories told about some of the most famous photographs can be overly dramatic in nature that the images appear more mythical than fact. There’s nothing glamorous about this picture all except for the young lady that posed with me and she was one of the hottest girls in my high school at the time. What I see is a kid that lucked up during a time of awkwardness. I went to my junior prom ALONE and still wound up with 2 photos with 2 different girls and those were the only high points of that night. But to be honest, I hated being in that position as it all felt like charity and if you know me, I’m independent to a fault. If I can’t do it myself, then it takes a hell of a lot to ask for help. 

I actually lost my copy of this photo years ago while shuffling around for SAT prep classes (After two exams, I ended up with an 1130 out of 1600). My homie Stefan (pictured on the right with his date and now wife) found this in his archives and posted it to Facebook. Back in Girard Academic Music Program, my reputation wasn’t the greatest. Either I got played by women or didn’t receive any play from them. I wasn’t the most stylish and I put most of my interests into video games which was unappealing to the type of girls that I was attracted to. In my situation, I already KNEW that the odds against me were stacked to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. That’s why I nixed my senior prom. For someone as shy and as self conscious as I was then, I said forget it! why go through the same shit that made me stick out like a sore thumb during my junior prom? And in hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have went that year either but who else would’ve created that bomb ass slow jams mix CD for the limousine and sat quietly while clutching a pillow while the other couples made out? A purpose was served.

There weren’t many Prom date choices for me. The girls that I dug?! I always had high hopes and aiming for them proved futile time and time again yet I still had that hard-headed persistence. Each time that I revisit this time in my life I have that “If I knew then what I know now” moment and I’m sure that everything would’ve been completely different. I might have even snagged one of those South Philly Italian girls that I used to lust after.  I was Pretty In Pink’s Duckie way too often but it made for a fantastic underdog story. And maybe that’s what the photo really represents; No matter what shitty hand that’s dealt to me, I would come out on top. By the way, Maria, the young lady in the photo with me, will FOREVER receive love for me for making a weird night 100 times better. I used to think that I couldn’t have a woman like her back then… If I only knew how wrong I was.