Charged Up: The Art Of War

The Dog Days of Summer. If you’ve ever lived in the inner city during the hottest months of the year, then you can attest to knowing that its a time of restless (and at times reckless) energy. In the summer of 2015, those in tuned to Hip-Hop aren’t discussing who has the dopest album of …

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I never had many “real” friends. There were homies, associates, co-defendants, accomplices, and comrades but friends, the “day ones” were few and far between. You have people that are present for your energy; the individuals that want to ride YOUR wave. I’ve encountered and regrettably found myself running with the wrong crew and I never …

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Ghostface Speaks….

Well, well, well… Ghostface is pissed and delivers his response to Action Bronson’s remarks on Sportsnation with soul music blasting in the background. This is hilarious to me for all the wrong reasons. I’m not for beef in Hip-Hop because it gets whack as soon as it starts (Tyga vs Drake) but this is comedy …

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AMY: Thoughts and Reactions

I won’t watch it again. I can’t sit in a chair or lay on a couch in good conscience as this plays on screen in my living space. Don’t bother inviting me over with friends to sit around and relive these moments either. Once is enough. In six months to a year, I probably won’t …

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