Patrice O’Neal’s Prison Story

We lost a great comedian when Patrice O’Neal passed away. After he died, I found his appearances on the Opie & Anthony show via Youtube and I always found myself laughing despite the racially charged content. One night, I listened to Patrice’s story about his time in prison as a teenager and though it had a few chuckle worthy moments, you could hear that the pain from that short experience left a lasting sting. Many young black men found themselves imprisoned over false accusations and their lives were ruined as a consequence. Rape is very serious and yes there are men that are ignorant to “No means No” and those that violate the rights of these victims deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But with that said, the accusation of rape should never ever be used falsely for the sake of emotional payback.

2 thoughts on “Patrice O’Neal’s Prison Story”

  1. I love Patrice and listen to O&A all the time on YouTube. Your post reminded me a lot of the Central Park Five. It’s a documentary on Netflix. I highly recommend it. As for the mention of rape, are you talking about a comment be Patrice himself, or something mentioned by O&A? I remember Patrice talking about prison, but I must not be remembering the entire discussion.

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