5 of My Favorite In Living Color Skits

Let’s keep it a buck, when In Living Color first hit airwaves it gave Saturday Night Live a run for it’s money. Keenan Ivory Wayans along with his comedic siblings and other majorly funny, talented performers brought not only color but flavor to television in the early 90’s. Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier (grossly underrated), Tommy Davidson, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Coffield Park, Kim Coles (1st Season) along with Kenan and Damon Wayans were raging fireballs of raw comedy and when they connected via their sketches, something amazing occurred each and every time. I saw an article that stated that some of the sketches like Men on Film didn’t age well and I’m pretty sure that the writer had NO idea what he was talking about AT ALL. But like I always say, we all have our own unique perspectives but some are just dumb as hell if we are being honest. Instead of me writing to prove a point, what better way to make my case than to exhibit evidence. Check out a few of my favorite In Living Color sketches…

P.S. In the above “Wanda Dating Game” sketch, When David Alan Grier’s character sees Wanda for the first time, I lose my mind and I’m sure that he and Jim did as well.

David Alan Grier as Calhoun Tubbs… hilarious! “Fatback loved him some catfish … “I SAY FATBACK LOVED HIM SOME CATFISH”

David and Damon as Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather (Men on Film) were sooooo wild in their segments. They could barely maintain straight faces (no pun intended).

HOUR OF POWER“I’m telling you if all I had was a clock in pants, it would be high noon right now!”