No More Surprises…

I’m numb. I wouldn’t classify myself as pessimist but more like a realistic optimist. My life’s experiences have forced me to see things for what they are rather than how I’d want them to be. There are moments in life where you have to accept that things are just f*cked up beyond belief and sometimes you can’t do anything but go on with your life. Everything is the NORM to me. War on foreign lands, violence in the hood, genocide in Nigeria, police brutality, cops killing unarmed citizens, emphasis placed on materialism and not humanity, and every other foul act that goes down in the 21st century. Nothing surprises me anymore. That Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin situation didn’t shock me. All of this madness has occurred since the beginning of time and I’ve been exposed to all of this since a kid so hearing about ISIS and Boko Haram at the age of 30 in a country where murderers are celebrated does little to rattle me and that’s out of pocket.

I’m so jaded that, god forbid, if a family member of mine robbed me of my most precious belongings, I’d be pissed but again I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen them to do it to others. Yo there’s a lot of people let me down in my lifetime so it’s like I can’t even be mad at the actions of fake friends or women that do the foulest of things and that’s solely because I attribute it to human nature. Some people think for themselves and others lack common sense. Some are honorable individuals others rather try and get over on others to get theirs. This is a constant. This is a given. For every one person that I know that wants to change the world, there are 5 people that want to watch it all burn because of insecurity. Like I used to wonder WHY… WHY do they like that kind of music when it’s wack or why do they drink lean when don’t even know how it affects their body and all kinds of logical questions but you know what? As of today… I don’t care. I loved a woman more than she loved herself but now? I’m out here for dolo on a high horse like the logo made by Polo.

I’m out here trying to get mine and If I can help someone along the way then so be it but I’m not overextending myself toward ungrateful suckers in 2015 and beyond. Friends, women that I’m interested in, etc., … Time is money and if you are wasting either of those, we won’t vibrate in the same orbit. One more thing… Anybody who buys a book of selfies sold by a celebrity, yo… don’t come through my cipher.