Vinyl Athletics: Jay Dee “F*ck The Police” 12″


Back in 2006, a few months after Dilla passed away, I took a trip to NYC with my cousin for the night. During that time, I visited Up Above Records, an indie label in Manhattan. While there, I met a good friend of mine, DSmooth, a pretty dope producer and he blessed with me a few records, 2 of which were Jay Dee’s “F*ck The Police”. If you’re a fan of Jay Dee or “Dilla” as he came to be known in the later phase of his life then you already know how crazy this is. From the drum beat to the memorable “1,2,3 F*ck The Police” call and response, this is definitely a must have.

I’ll say this, after recent events especially those in New York City this past weekend, I didn’t want this to be viewed negatively but rather as a dope record that referred to corrupt cops. But if you’ve never heard this before, take a listen.