So I said this on Twitter last night…


I stand by these words especially since I’m speaking from my own experiences. I’ve lived in this city all of my life and the pickings are slimmer than finding an open Rita’s Water Ice in the winter. What I find to be astounding about it all is that I have better luck with women that aren’t from Philly or don’t live in the city than the natives and that, is no bullshit. Like you don’t know how easy it would’ve been for me to FLOURISH in New Orleans if I wasn’t in a relationship. I feel like I have to move around more, get out the city and just see what else is out there because Philly no longer interests me in that department.

I said what I said last night as a response to a twitter question, “Why are you single?”. My initial answer was “Why settle if I didn’t have to?” and then I said the “Schuylkill river” thing which really got to the base of one of my issues. Like in Philly, well more so in the circles that I move around in, most of the women that I found to be attractive have had histories with other cats that I know and that just makes me uncomfortable especially when its these ashy, earthy mongrel looking motherfuckers. The city is small, and the watering hole is even more miniscule. Some women make take this offensively and others may understand what I mean, but either way nothing changes my situation.

The energy in this city may not be for me. I remember there’s this girl that I DUG and I STILL DIG but distance is in play so I can’t trip BUT her ex-boyfriend who I was cool with got so heated when he found out that we were dating and his petty attitude caused a problem. So-called players get butt hurt when the game doesn’t roll in their favor. Ho shit. Anyway, I’m out here trying to live and love. I know firsthand that romance can’t be forced but damn, could it not be so hard to find it where I live? Eh well, that’s the way the world works.

I had a cool conversation with my homie Deniro and it appears that what I’m experiencing is a generational problem. It’s like I find many of these women in this city to be sexually attractive but once they start talking, the thrill is gone. It’s not just gone, it’s been shot and drug through the streets. Deniro stated that the woman that I’m looking may have been around me all the time but I never noticed, and that maybe true but right now I’m out here walking through the desert like the Book of Eli.