Classic Confidence: Martin Louis the King, Jr… Address Me As Such

There was a point when I thought that this was excessive but that was me not thinking clearly. In my mind it was like “Here goes Kanye stunting on the block again” but he was truly enjoying life and showing off his then latest creations. Like how could anyone really hate on him for living and loving his life and sharing his lifestyle with the world. I loved his music but I was stuck on that goofy-backpack-overly-conscious vibe but that really wasn’t me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Native Tongues more than anybody that I know but throw on that “ignant” dirty south Lil Jon, Jeezy, Migos, etc. and I’ll get buck like it’s college all over again. What I learned is that in order to truly function in this crazy space, you have to be aware of both sides of the game and find that medium. Life’s too fragile to be stuffy and the same goes for being too careless. Understand that it’s ok get wild when the situation calls for it as your “comfort zone” may become your prison.

Deep right?!