Kim K… I’ve Seen It Before

Kim K Paper Magazine

If this was 2010, I might’ve cared a bit but I really don’t these days. Sure, Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman but damn, I’ve seen her before. Naked. Nude. In sextapes, Playboy magazines, and other Kanye West related forms of media. She’s been in the spotlight for years and her entire fame chasing tribe has come along for the ride via “reality television” and it’s sickening. We did it. WE DID THIS. We put fame and glamour on pedestals  instead of what truly matters like a person’s worth not how many twitter followers they have or how scandalous their past and present are.

I never wanted the woman that I’m into to “Keep up with the Kardashians” because that in itself is synonymous with keeping up with appearances. I feel like this is all a big joke that stopped being funny A LONG TIME AGO but for some reason, the rest of the world is still playing along. Self exploitation for the sake of being the talk of the town seems so futile. Kim K may be an astute businesswoman with a crazy master plan of using relevancy as a source of income. Who Knows? Whatever it is, it eludes me and I’m perfectly content with not investing a care in the world.

What’s left to say? What else is there to show? We’ve seen the marriage, the baby, and other things that TMZ loves to publicize for the sake of ratings. But what else is there to Kim K that we haven’t seen remixed, replayed, and recreated for the ever adoring populace of the uninspired to see? Smoke and mirrors. Sex appeal quickly becomes a childish thrill when there’s nothing of substance keeping the ship afloat.