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The Dopeness of “Sex Criminals”

Sex Criminals

Sex Criminals is one of the greatest titles in the comics… PERIOD. In a world of superheroes and super villains with powers that make mere mortals appear much more mortal, it’s refreshing to find titles that the everyman (and woman) can relate to on a human level. Now, I’m not saying that Spider-Man or The Avengers aren’t human and aren’t sharing their personalities and emotions with their audience but it’s different when a character isn’t given (or born with) a great power that comes with an even greater responsibility. Sex Criminals appeals to me on an intimate level; we all try to understand love and use love as a conduit to understand who we really are as people.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky created a sexually psychological masterpiece. The character development of Suzie and Jon (the protagonists) through their relationship and their individual personal and sexual histories give the story a special kind of vibrance. What separates Sex Criminals from other comics that may have sexual content? Well for starters both Suzie and Jon can stop time after they each have an orgasm. Freaky right? And they even call that freezing of time “The Quiet”. Also, we as readers come to know the truth behind characters by the in depth looks into their sexual histories. Sex Criminals is witty, endearing, funny as hell at times, but most of all it’s human and we can all see ourselves or at least an aspect of our personal lives within the pages of this awesome series.