Drake vs Tyga: Who Gives A Sh*t?


Last time I checked, this wasn’t Jay-Z vs Nas or Common vs Ice Cube, this is DRAKE vs TYGA! This isn’t the 90s and early 2000s when rappers made believable threats with tension brewing amongst different camps, FAM!!! This is Drake vs Tyga! This is not beef or a battle! DAWG! This is a SWAG OFF! This is the type of goofy shit that Carlton Banks would have to deal with at Bel Air Prep Academy. Remember that episode when that tall, statuesque blonde chick threw Carlton against the lockers after he said that she belonged to East German team? THAT was harder and more threatening than these two going at it. All these blogs, radio stations and MTV are giving this circus act more attention than it deserves. 2Pac and Big didn’t die so that the high levels of sensitivity created by these two could bust throw the dams of rap and turn this into an all male version of the Bad Girls club.

I like music by Drake and few joints by Tyga but that does NOT give them the right to bring this dandelion cupcake shit with cootie sprinkles into my environment. Both of those guys are GROWN ASS MEN. Chris Brown is an R&B singer and he’s tougher than both of these dudes and that should not be the case with RAPPERS. These guys in Hip-Hop now are petty and baby butt Snuggle Bear soft with their finger snapping neck rolling VIBE magazine interviews and subliminal disses. The same kind of suckers that leak nudes of women that were sent to them in confidence. Also how goofy is this beef between artists under the same LABEL. Drake and Tyga are Birdman’s employees and as sure as that big ass tattooed star on Stunna’s head is red, he’d throw Tyga overboard when it comes to Young Aubrey “Make You Drunk Call Your Ex At 2am and cry like a bitch” Graham. T-Raww better chill and work on that music.

I know times are different and rappers aren’t as aggressive but damn it man, at least act like you can do more than 5 push ups. And yes I too love the strippers but these rappers out here are chasing joints that do NOT need saving. All these strip club anthems and the same women that you are tricking off on are the same ones calling these dudes stalkers and simps. STOP THE MADNESS!!! Also I don’t care how many tattoos that these trash bag swag rappers have, it doesn’t convince me enough to take them seriously, it just proves that they have enough money to create a false image of themselves. Type of cats that have “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME” and dollar signs tatted all over while wearing the snuggest of pleather jogging pants. Damn I can’t stand some of these new rappers… So soft that you could cut them with a 2 ply piece of tissue and I’d bet they’d bleed Cherry Kool Aid.