Pastlife: Who’s In The Photo Booth?

The Saint Bar in New Orleans. I used to spend so much time there while living in New Orleans but I still don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, well probably bad because I treated that place as a refuge instead a chill zone. EN (pronounced like Ian) was my guide and closest road dog during those 4 and half months spent there. We ran the streets. I had a girlfriend at the time and no matter how much trouble that I’d get into, I never did anything too crazy that would come back and mess up anything back at home. Well there was that one night that I stayed out until 5am but I was just out there living it up. Kind of a dick move but hey I had a freedom in N.O. that I wasn’t really afforded in Philly.

One night in the Saint, EN and I ran into an old neighbor of mine who lived a floor above me. One morning me and my ex were awoken in bed to the sounds of her bouncing mattress going buck wild. When I found out that it was her, my curiosity increased exponentially. In the bar, we talked and caught up on a few things namely the identity of this cute little latina sitting at the other end of the bar with her girlfriend. “I heard she’s a pornstar but her parents made her stop and moved her away” WHAT!? Me and E both lit up and somehow I managed to get her and her friend both in the Photo Booth. One of those nights where I performed like Mike (check Biggie’s Victoryif you’re lost in the slang Matrix). After the photo, the girls said that they’d be outside for a smoke and would be right back. I sat there for awhile and went out to look for them, and those chicks were running for their lives down the block. I went back inside to discover that they had used a stolen credit card to cop drinks. Flagrant!

And though I forgot her real name, Nicole Grey is what she went by “professionally”.