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Polaroid Pastlife: Portraits of New Orleans


New Orleans… I loved that city for a plethora of reasons but mainly for the freedom it provided me. The Big Easy! The Crescent City! It’s funny that in my four and a half months there, I didn’t really do all of the tourist nonsense but I did have moments of enjoying the vibe. New friends, the food, the fun times and even the eventual break up that took a while for me to shake created an experience that I never will forget. Fortunately, I managed to maintain contact with a few people in NOLA and I’m looking forward to making a return in the not so distant future. I had a polaroid camera with me and snapped quite a few shots. Peace to Megan, EN, DXXXY, Tia, Vick, Jamison and Mal e Mal for the love. Also, stay tuned for more shots from my time in New Orleans which will be coming soon.

A.J. Dxxxy EN

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