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@MilaJ and Thoughts on Physical Beauty

Mila J

Because…The Internet. I knew of Mila J before seeing the photograph that seemed to stir quite the little storm on social media. Anytime there’s an attractive woman exposing a bit of skin there’s always an overwhelming response especially on Instagram. The savagery of men’s thirst and desperation knows no bounds and I can’t lie, I was once guilty of such a violation myself. I follow Singers, Fitness Models, Fashion Models, and Strippers but I never comment nor like the photos (well not too often) anymore because it just feels whack and I’m not for joining in for group cat calling.

I chose this photograph of Mila J for a reason. It’s about to get real scientific around here so dig what’s being laid down jive turkeys. Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman? There’s a plethora of gorgeous ladies out there that cause my heart to flutter whenever I see them and all I can give them is my admiration. With Mila J, I find her to be very sexy. She does it for me visually and in interviews she has a real laid back around the way attitude. Musically? Well, hey she does her thing and if she’s happy I’m happy. Everything isn’t for everybody. My attraction toward her would never lead to online pleas of “Mila follow me” or my personal favorite “Mila SIT ON MY FACE” as both of these statements achieve the same thing: NOTHING. One is way more disrespectful than the other BUT both are requesting something of her that falls into the stream of what every other goofy guy is begging for and that’s the type of attention that I never needed.

This is a generation of face value. What we see is what we get or so we think. Do you know how many times I fell for pretty girls who were later to be revealed as complete head cases? Like complete psychos but that was my fault for thinking otherwise and I deserved that bit of annoyance because I chose to use my dick instead of common sense (Editor’s Note: I’m still using my dick and what a world that creates for me). Believe me when I tell you that I know and have known for a while that looks aren’t everything and yes beauty is skin deep but I’m a willing to put on for my city when it comes to a pretty face. Shallow? Not really. I’m not a huge proponent of waking up next to a terrorist of the eyes in the morning if I don’t have to go through that torture. I never had a drink that strong to bury my judgment.

I digressed a bit but allow me to bring it all back. We as men, the “dominant” gender, have a tendency to objectify women and we bypass their humanity which leads to the creation of a polluted perception of who and what they actually are. We place them on pedestals where projections of fantastical fan fiction are placed upon them which blurs the lines of reality. As I near 30, I want the real deal in a woman, flaws and all. Model or not, Super woman or mere mortal, if she’s right for me and we can make it click then boom goes the dynamite.