“I Regulate Every Shade”

As a young, single man riding high in modern times, my life is all about options. Should I walk to work or catch public transportation? Read a novel by Oscar Wilde or a Sin City graphic novel by Frank Miller? Eagles or 49ers? etc. There’s never one way to go about things, especially in the world of dating. Spending limited resources such as time and sharing your energy with the right individual will always ensure a greater peace of mind and a connection to happiness. The beautiful part, in my opinion, is that there are so many amazing people out there of diverse cultures that continue to make this crazy world go around.

“Interracial dating” (to some but plain old dating to me) had/has it’s taboos but I honestly learned so much in dealing with women from backgrounds differing from my own. I’ve always gone into these situations with an open mind and once you get beyond the separations, women are pretty much women. I know that’s mind blowing for a portion of the population but it’s the truth. We spend more time focusing on one’s BLACKNESS and WHITENESS that we tend to overlook the core of a person’s character. Instead, what we all should be avoiding is THE WACKNESS of our own insecurities (and the movie… yes  I know Method Man was in it with a FANTASTIC Jamaican accent but whatever).

Crossing “color lines” may not be everyone’s bag and I can dig it but it’s not an excuse to throw jabs at those that do. Amber Rose, Halle Berry, uh *insert gorgeous mixed race woman here* are all proof that the intimate collaborations of many ethnicities creates some of the finest of eye candies. I’m just out here trying to add a little beauty to the world.


It’s never the move to “fetishize” a woman because of her culture. Get the stereotypes out of your head and appreciate her for who she is and she has to offer. WORD LIFE.