What’s Trippy?: Salvia


When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself – Bob Marley

The above quote from the late great Bob Marley referred to his love of the ever popular marijuana plant. Cheeba. Ganja. Weed. But I on the other hand am using that quotation for another purpose: Salvia! First, I’d like to say that I’m not an advocate for psychedelic drugs and I’ve rarely smoked marijuana so I can’t really go on and on about the greatness of Salvia but I know how it affected me and it was an incredible experience. My thoughts, feelings, and the Ghostface Killah “crazy visions” (technically hallucinations) during that brief yet tantalizing moment brought everything into perspective.

In February 2010, I found myself in basement of a friend’s house sitting on a couch near his studio equipment doing nothing of importance. A mutual female friend of ours was also there and I can’t tell you what we were discussing or how Salvia even entered into our conversation yet she had it in her possession and a bong just happened to sit on the coffee table like lighthouse beckoning us to it’s shores for immediate usage. Fuzzy and Cloudy. The only words that can accurately describe how well I can remember the details before the first hit. But who hit it first? I think I did but then again, it happened over 3 years ago so I’m doing the very best to piece together the jumbled facts. But, I can confidently say that after inhaling it for the first time, I swore that it was whack or that I didn’t take a large enough puff but then it happened: A crazy vibration.

It felt like an energy surge. If I could connect it to a sound, it would be the buzzing of ever flowing electricity through a live wire. It slowly crept up my ankles, through my calf muscles to my stomach and then my neck. After that sensation ceased the visions and words started to flow beyond my control. So what did I see? It was like I had an aerial overhead view of a marching band strutting in a circular formation as their headpieces changed colors from red to orange, yellow then brown. An autumnal procession of shades but while that occurred, I supposedly told a story about nature and trees. You know, that existentialist type of stuff that causes hipster girls to “spread” like track 5 on Andre 3000’s The Love Below portion of that 2003 Outkast album. The only words that I can pull out from that foggy recollection are “it all comes down again”. After I said that, the high dissipated and regular old Mikey was back to normal. Or so I thought.

Other things occurred afterward but that’s a totally unrelated subject and there’s no need in putting business in the air if has nothing to do with the topic at hand. But I will say that Salvia raises the “spirit”. Cue Will Smith’s “You Know What I’m Saying” from the Fresh Prince and a dirty old man wink in there for good measure. For a while, I tried to figure out what “it all comes down again” meant and after years of trying to find myself and a break up, I finally comprehended the meaning. One would say the moment of truth. When you go through tough periods in your life, there are times when you have to start back at one and that’s word to Brian “Let Me Show You How Your P*$$y Works” McKnight. A fresh beginning, a “ground zero” if you will, may be all you need to set your Bullet Train on the right track. I’m there now but it feels so good to be a position where the past has no bearing on my current path. Funny how a 3 year old psychedelic high eventually made sense.

Side note: If I ever smoke salvia again, best believe that I’ll have a fine woman next to me while I explore the “outer limits”. Word!