Back To Life…


Finally, Mikey has come back to blogging. I feel like it’s been eons since I’ve sat on a keyboard and written about things that matter to ME. Life has been a wonderfully frightening thing over the past few years but damn it there’s nothing like it. Could I bore you all with a mindless biography or why I’m feeling the exquisite need to write again? Sure. But why waste the time when time is so very limited. My name is my name. I’ve gone by a ton of aliases but I think that we can start off with Mike as of now. “Da God” can also be used but it all depends on the context, I wouldn’t dare aim to wound the feelings of the overzealous religious types. Yeah, those types. Or anyone that’s over sensitive and easily “butthurt” in the era of technological terror. 

What’s the purpose? To be honest, I feel as if it will come to me as time progresses. I’ve met many people from all walks of life and each of them whether they were your everyday Average Joe, Good Samaritan, or my personal favorite: Asshole, a lesson and/or experience educated me to how life should or shouldn’t be viewed. You will never understand the importance of a risk unless you take it. Putting yourself in the line of impending and unrelenting fire brings you face to face with true potential. That fighting spirit. I’ve taken my fair share of chances in the past and I’m going to do more of it in the future so bear with me as I take you through life as I see it.

Tayyib Smith of Little Giant Media was the first to tell me that “Perception is Reality”. Back in 2009, I had no idea as to what he meant but after personal triumphs and having my ass handed to me here and there, I finally understood the meaning of it all.

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